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I want to thank Dr. Shepard for probably saving my mother’s life after her C.Diff infection from a dog bite. I am so extremely thankful he was able to help her quickly and easily. She is terrified of doctors, and Dr. Shepard quickly eased her mind and helped her through the scary infection. I truly think because of her fragile heart condition, the typical antibiotic protocol would have made her much worse.
I’m so grateful for his advice and knowledge. She is doing fantastic and even feels better than she did before the infection! She spoke to her dentist about the procedure shortly after and found that another one of his patients did not survive C.Diff, and sadly, he was just about to pursue FMT but died before he could be treated. She’s so thankful Dr. Shepard helped her when so many other doctors are pushing to wait for too many recurrences.
— Lindy P. - Athens, Georgia

Truly a miracle. I’m referring to the FMT infusions done by Dr. David Shepard @RDS Infusions. For any of you suffering from C-Diff and related problems, I council you to make an appointment. Start living again. It just works.

My G.I. put me through 2 rounds of Flagyl and two rounds of vancomycin. Still tested positive for C-Diff. No more bullets in his gun. Have been suffering on & off for 10 years, mostly every time I swallowed an antibiotic. For those of you who have had enough, this is for you. There is  life after C-Diff, but don’t put it off. Over 30,000 people die from C-Diff per year in the U.S. alone.

Finally, a word about the staff of R.D.S. Dr. Shepard, Helena, and Dina are angels of God. I have never seen more friendly & professional medical people. I had lost all my faith in the medical profession until I met them. They actually called me on a regular basis, to check my progress. When was the last time a doctor personally called you to check on you? I suggest never. I could go on, but the first move is yours. Talk to Dina. She will make your journey begin, with hope.

Dr. Shepard, thank you for saving my life. You deserve to sleep well at night. Keep fighting the good fight.
— Kenneth B.

Wanted to update my hero’s. At  almost 5 months since my procedure with Doc Sheperd, I’m CDIFF free.

My Intestines are far from perfect but doc I see here tells me to be patient.  Having cdiff 5 years undiagnosed by these Boston :-), doctors will take time for intestines to heal.  My energy level definitely has improved but not all days but more good than bad!!!

I’m not sure how to articulate my sincere gratitude to you all.  But thank you for your patience and caring.

Thanks again and again,
— Robert O.

I have had gut problems all of my life but after going to Dr. Shepard and doing his probiotic program my gut feels better than it has in a very long time maybe ever. It just continues to improve. It’s working more normally, and I feel more calm and less nervous than usual. Thank you Dr. Shepard.
— Beverly B.

My story:

Nearly 3 years ago my life was perfect; in great shape with no health problems my entire life.

Then I began to suffer daily debilitating headaches and neck pain.

Top Neurologists at Cleveland Clinic could not find the root cause and contributed it to tension, stress, and depression.

I had always been very fit and worked out regularly with no issues or depression in my life, so I knew it could not be, though I went along with this diagnosis and began physical therapy for neck tension, as well as their standard course of anti-depressants for the headaches.

After a few months the headaches became so severe and I started to suffer severe gastro-intestinal issues; Diarrhea, vomiting, cramping along with 30-pound drastic weight loss.  GI Dr’s believed I might have had Celiac Disease or stomach cancer, though they were not certain.  Several endoscopies and Colonoscopies discovered nothing more than a stomach ulceration.  This was my first ever ulcer.

Following this, I was given courses of medications to help with ulcer and other body wide pain, however, in hindsight made my condition worse.  A follow-up endoscopy revealed that my ulcer had healed, though I still knew I was suffering from eating foods.

I began to experience more and more, severe food intolerances for the first time in my life.  This cycle led to worsening of my symptoms to the point I started to experience sinus issues and prescribed course after course of antibiotics, since specialists believed I had sinus infections.

These specialists pushed me on to one of the top GI Dr’s in the area to see if they had been missing something with my gut, such as cancer or Chronis, but CT scans and other tests found nothing.

At this same time, I performed food intolerance testing by an integrative Dr.

What they discovered is what I had known all along.  They found over 40 food intolerances including Gluten, Dairy, Soy, Eggs.  Meaning, I could not eat hundreds of foods.

I took these test results to my GI Dr. and Rheumatologist and inquired about why for the first time in my life I could not eat anything.  I asked if I had immune issues caused by these food intolerances, however they stated they could not find anything conclusive within my GI tract and though my body began to produce Auto Nuclear Antibodies, the levels were low enough that they could not isolate any type of immune disorder.  They informed me to just to stay away from the intolerable foods.

I finally had my proof, that all along that all my issues were food related.

Dozens of specialists, procedures, tests, medications later –  Dr.’s ruled out everything in the book.  However, they began to speculate after over 2 years my body was beginning to have Auto Immune related issues.  They wanted to place me on steroids this time.  I said NO.  I knew that after all the medications and antibiotics this was not the answer and would likely make it worse.

I completely believed the issue was with every food I ate, causing severe body-wide systemic issues.  When I did not eat I my issues were minimal, but without food, my body began to suffer even more.  I knew deep down steroids were only a Band-Aid and could make matters worse.  I had nowhere to turn.

After some research, I was led to Dr. Shepard; 2.5 years after this all began.  I was losing all hope after seeing every specialist, for every symptom I had. I decided to meet with Dr. Shepard and try his treatments.

I discovered that from just 20 of Dr. Shepard’s Probiotic pills within 3 days of taking only two pills a night, I woke up and had absolutely no headache and neck pain.  Other issues that I experienced within 30 minutes of eating foods, such as muscle pain and body wide fascilations and muscle twitching were reduced by 50%.  This was the first in years.  It was as if a switch had been turned off inside of me eliminating the severe inflammatory response.

This revelation from these Probiotic Pills helped me realize that after every type of medication and natural supplementation out there, (including the best store bough brands of Probiotics) I had never experienced such a drastic reversal of symptoms.

I knew my body was headed into the direction of a cure, that these probiotic pills were an answer to what I needed.

I responded by receiving another 120 pills and immediately started them every night and morning.  I obviously continued my perfect diet too.  Over the course of 4 weeks my severe symptoms that I experienced for years, were almost 80% GONE!  Even the muscle twitching, spasms, fascilations that I experienced within 30 of eating foods were almost eliminated.  My sever neck pain and stiffness and headaches were gone by 80%.  Diarrhea and bloating GONE.  The severe headaches and severe neck muscle stiffness were reduced to the point I could move my neck.  Eliminated by 80%.

I cannot begin to say how these are helping me and I will continue to order more, until this is fully resolved.  At one point in my life, I was in bedridden for months and thought I was going to eventually be disabled.

Now, thanks to Dr. Shepard I have an answer.  Thank you for your help and your probiotic pills in the start to giving my life back!
— Scott W. Cleveland, OH

Diarrhea.  I suffered on and off with it for a few years, but as 2015 began, it took a turn for the worst –it interfered with my life….no vacations, no sporting events, no concerts or plays, no road trips, etc.

My Primary Doctor suggest Dr. Shepard.  I had been to several Gastroenterologists over the years – tests and colonoscopy but the diarrhea continued to get worse.  But I was pretty desperate, so I went to see Dr. Shepard. I told him my problem and his first words were “I can help you”!   He looked truthful, but I was skeptical.  He said, “2 weeks of strong antibiotics to kill everything in my intestines, followed by a colonoscopy with a PROBIOTIC WASH.” A procedure that washed my clean intestines with 4 trillion probiotics and allowed the Doctor to introduce the probiotics exactly where they needed to go.

The colonoscopy and PROBIOTIC WASH were done about 2 months ago, and I now have my life back!
I no longer plan my waking hours concerned about the location of the nearest bathroom.  Success was not instantaneous, but progress has been steady. Dr. Shepard has been the only doctor who has helped me – he is the only one who said he could help and DID
— Pat B. - Tampa, Fl

“Thank you Dr. Shepard for curing my C-DIFF. It has been a little over 8 weeks and I have been symptom free since doing FMT. I can’t thank you enough for working with me and I will be forever grateful!”
— Pamela J. - Keller, TX

I suffered a near fatal GI bleed in 2008 that required three years of surgical procedures including 4 intestinal surgeries followed by 3 ventral hernia repairs of a 14 inch incision that resulted in implantation of a full abdominal mesh . During this time I was on IV antibiotics for over 5 months and several rounds of oral antibiotics, including Flagyl and Metronidazole, to combat peritonitis and hospital acquired C-Diff. By 2011 my intestinal flora was destroyed and I had an array of autoimmune symptoms including rheumatoid arthritis (swollen and stiff finger, knee, and shoulder joints and swollen bursea), tendonitis in my hands, dry mouth/dry eye, and constant diarrhea. I tried to self heal, beginning in March 2011, by first fasting for a week, then going on a vegan, specific carbohydrate diet (SCD),without any grains or grain products and drinking only water. I was fairly symptom free on this minimalistic diet. However, after almost 2 years of eating a self prepared vegetable soup 3 times a day and taking over the counter probiotics I could not expand my dietary intake without significant joint paint.”

“I finally took the next step and called Dr. Shepard to explore fecal transplant. Dr. Shepard and his staff, Dina and Helena, were very courteous, helpful, and willing to work with me to explain procedures and facilitate scheduling. Dr. Shepard performed a colonoscopy with probiotic bath and two fecal transplants during the next year. Since then I have made almost a complete dietary recovery with the exception of some high gluten foods. It’s wonderful to be able to eat and drink again!! Before people take harsh antibiotics like Flagyl and Metronidazole to combat CDiff or immune suppressive drugs to combat rheumatoid arthritis I urge them to at least try fecal transplant. Thank you, Dr. Shepard!!
— Richard J. - Niceville, FL

My one (1) year anniversary elapsed since my two (2) RDS Probiotic Infusions (Fecal Transplants) and I’m thankful, as well as, grateful for Dr. Shepard’s excellence in curing my C-Diff, after three (3) long debilitating years of agony, suffering and three (3) year hospitalizations, after the first Fecal Transplant attempt in New York was incorrectly performed, which resulted in an 11 month hospitalization, four (4) surgeries and rehabilitation thereafter.  I was informed by the New York Surgeon the C-Diff couldn’t return, as my colon was removed, where the infection remains dormant.  Hence, needless to say, the C-Diff returned and I was the only individual to contract C-Diff worldwide, and the Doctors were shocked, amazed and didn’t know what to do, other then to recommend inserting an Ileostomy externally, which I declined.  Hence, I returned home to Florida and continued my hospitalizations with C-Diff, until I discovered Dr. Shepard the miracle man, who was instrumental and gave me the greatest gift of all – MY LIFE….

At first, after speaking with Dr. Shepard, I was sincerely skeptical and frightened to try again, even after still experiencng 40 BM’s a day, taking multiple antibiotic’s over three (3) years, which ultimately destroyed my immune system.  Hence, after meeting Dr. Shepard and his Staff, especially Helena and Missy, the professionalism, integrity, inspiration, compassion and caring attributes, which spoke volumes to me, I became a believer and trusted Dr. Shepard to perform the two (2) RDS Probiotic Infusions procedures.

I am extremely thankful with all my heart, but as well, for all his hard work, performance, coverage, creativity, endless compassion, the skill and ability to communicate and listen, and overall his personal and professional intellect to embrace and engage in this specialty area, with expertise and knowledge, whereby, only two (2) doctors in the United States, (outside of Florida) are willing to offer these services and are extremely selective of the candidates they choose, whom must meet certain criteria, further limiting the scope for others who are suffering dearly.

To sum such up, overall, Dr. Shepard and his Staff are LIFESAVERS and have restored my life to a functional capacity.  I lived the past year afraid to engage or play sports or over achieve in all facets of my life, concerned the C-Diff would return with a weakened immune system, but after recently speaking with Dr. Shepard and his office, they reassured me I am free and clean and to pursue the avenues I love most, which is being active.

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR LIFE AGAIN:  for your professional expertise, knowledge and time regarding my medical care and direction to proceed, as I respect and value your opinion and time greatly.  I appreciate your friendship and understanding during this lengthy process, without judgment, but more importantly, I admire your intellect and the ability to listen and communicate clearly, which illustrates, both personally and professionally my appreciation, and as a token of  such, this is for you and your staff, as Amanda Bradley states:

“Some people seem to specialize in doing thoughtful deeds…
They understand your problems and your needs…
They help because they want to…
They find joy in being kind,
And making others happy is the first thing on their minds…
“By practicing the art…
Of reaching out to others…
And by giving from the heart” (AND MIND).

My faith in doctors has been restored and I highly recommend Dr. Shepard and his Staff, as they are remarkable, a rare find-gem and treasure to know and be acquainted with.
— Barbara - Clearwater, FL

I am 39 and was diagnosed with small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (sibo) Feb. 2013 via lactulose hydrogen breath test with hydrogen sulphide (h2s) level that reached 130 ppm. I first started with the sibo symptoms after a bout of mono after Nov. 2011. I was house bound and some days practically bed ridden with the chronic fatigue (cfs) and fibromyalgia (fm). The seven rounds of Xifaxan and the low fodmaps diet helped with the bloat and pain to keep the h2s levels down but did nothing for my other sibo symptoms cfs, fm, food intolerance, etc. I felt that the fmt would be my only hope. My fmt’s was done August 26-28th. By the second day I felt an improvement in energy and strength. After a week my cfs and fm was gone and steadily improving and starting to regain muscle strength. My vision became clearer with no more photophobia. Other sibo related symptoms started to disappear like body odor and scalp boils. I am now having nice formed brown stools instead of yellow/orange diarrhea with no more pain and cramping ( the xifaxan helped with that but not like the fmt). After almost 2 years of being chronically sick, I was praying to God to either kill me or cure me. That makes Dr. Shepard one of Gods Angels!!! I have my life back, and I can’t thank Dr. Shepard and his staff enough. Thank you.
— Angie H. - Tampa, FL

Before the (2012) FMT my diarrhea was so bad I was using 8 Lomotil a day and still having 6 large bm’s a day. I had to stop going to the movies, symphonies, plays, or any where because I would have problems getting to a bathroom. My diarrhea was really impacting and narrowing my life. Now I’m using no Lomotil and having only 2-3 bm’s a day. I’m like a normal person and reclaimed my life. This thing (FMT) has changed my life!
— Cleta A. - Tampa, FL

After 9 months of bloody diarrhea from c.diff and ulcerative colitis, I tried several GI’s to help me, to no avail. I read up on Dr. Shepard’s bacterial transplant and immediately made an appointment. I met with him and scheduled the transplant within a week. By week 3, my diarrhea has ceased with minimal bleeding. Dr. Shepard has given me my life back and I will be eternally grateful.
— Denise F. - Tampa, FL

I was depressed due to persistent ulcerative colitis flares and concerned about being on a steroid for a long time. Dr. Shepard suggested a fecal transplant and a gluten-free diet. I began the diet, had the transplant, two follow-up infusions and my flare ups subsided immediately. I have continued the diet of no gluten and processed type foods. It has been 6 weeks and I feel at least 85% improved, have lost some weight and feel much better in general. I feel the transplant and the follow-up infusions gave me the boost on my road to recovery.
— Sandra I. - Tampa, FL

In 2011 Dr. R. David Shepard gave me a fecal transplant when I had my colonoscopy. I had another procedure in his office with Suzanne a few months later. I have suffered with ulcerative colitis since 1994. After receiving these two treatments my condition improved 100%. I hadn’t had a normal bowel movement since 1994. I highly recommend this procedure to anyone suffering from this condition. Although I still take my medication, I no longer have bloating, bouts of diarrhea and bleeding. I cannot thank Dr. Shepard and his staff enough for recommending these treatments.
— Sandra L. - Tampa, FL

Before having the bacteria transplant I was homebound with a debilitating symptoms. Use of diet, supplements and probiotics alone was not enough to heal my symptoms. After the procedure I would say I am 85-90% better. My symptoms are pretty much gone, but I have some healing to do. Dr. Shepard and his staff have been wonderful and instrumental in me getting better. I would highly recommend his office and the procedure.
— Kim J. - Lutz, FL

While taking LDN, my pain related to Ankylosing spondylitis has decreased significantly. Since Dr. Shepard prescribed the LDN, I no longer have difficulty sleeping or getting out of bed, because of the pain. My quality of life has improved greatly.
— Jennifer S. - Tampa, FL

I had C. diff Colitis for a year and spent thousands on antibiotics with no cure. After one transplant (my daughter was the donor) I have no further symptoms.
— John G. - Tampa, FL

After suffering from C-Diff. for 3 1/2 months with diarrhea and cramping and tons of specific antibiotics which cost a fortune, I am amazed that a simple procedure called Fecal Transplant could straighten me out and make me well. I feel like Dr. David Shepard is a miracle worker!
— Connie K. - Waterville, Ohio

Before my fecal transplant I was having uncontrollable diarrhea due to C.diff. I am now having 1-2 bm’s a day with no incontinence.
— Mary P. Tampa, FL

I want to thank you with all my heart for the work you do. For the courage, compassion, creativity and intelligence to embrace therapies that really help and cure your patients. Not many doctors are willing to do “FMT” or even consider it. You give people their lives. Karina has been out of the house alone with friends for the first time in months. We appreciate your professionalism and the compassionate staff you surround yourself with.
— Patty and Karina A. - Naples, FL

I would like to take a moment to thank you for the excellent care and compassion you showed me over the past 8 months or so with my C-diff problem. You listened and understood my concerns with my difficulties tolerating the Flagyl after like 3 un-successful courses, and then guided me to a successful treatment plan with the fecal transplant therapy, or as I like to call it…Poop detox… Thank you seems like an understated word, but it comes with overstated sincere appreciation and gratitude for all you did!! Please also extend thanks to Helena for fitting me in with appointments and getting back with me on things, and I could not forget Suzanne for her kindness and gentleness during the procedure, she is wonderful!! You have a great team. You have no idea how happy I was to hear that my stool specimen came back NEGATIVE!!!!!

Thank you again,
— Roberta D.  - Tampa, FL

I am a very active 70 year old female who has suffered from colon problems all my life. In April of 2013, I was diagnosed with colitis. The past four months have been like hell for me, with morning pain as my wake-up alarm. I was not able to leave the house because of recurring diarrhea. I took 21 days of three different courses of antibiotics, to no avail. Dr. R. David Shepard treated me with fecal transplant by enema. The donor was my husband. This office procedure is very easily tolerated with no pain whatever. The effect was almost immediate. I am now able to enjoy life again. I recommend him highly.
— Lia S. - Tampa, FL