About Our Practice

RDS Probiotic Infusions is a gastroenterology clinic specializing in the transplantation of healthy human intestinal bacteria (also known as Fecal Transplantation or FMT) and Probiotic Infusions. This procedure is used for the treatment of drug resistant C. diff.and C.diff related ulcerative colitis.  

RDS Probiotic Infusions has performed over 1000 bacterial transplants with excellent results. The success rate for the treatment of C. diff. is nearly 98%. Bacterial Infusions are performed during a colonoscopy or enema style infusion or a combination of the two. We also offer FMT triple layered capsules which have a 90% success rate for patients who are unable to under the colonoscopic FMT procedure. Our donors are thoroughly tested on a regular basis. Patients may choose their own donor.

Other areas of our treatment focus include diet, probiotic therapy and low dose naltrexone.


R. David Shepard, MD, head of RDS Probiotic Infusions, is Board Certified in Gastroenterology and has been practicing in Tampa, Florida for 25 years. He specializes in Inflammatory Bowel Disease. 

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