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Truly a miracle. I’m referring to the FMT infusions done by Dr. David Shepard @RDS Infusions. For any of you suffering from C-Diff and related problems, I council you to make an appointment. Start living again. It just works.”

My G.I. put me through 2 rounds of Flagyl and two rounds of vancomycin. Still tested positive for C-Diff. No more bullets in his gun. Have been suffering on & off for 10 years, mostly every time I swallowed an antibiotic. For those of you who have had enough, this is for you. There is  life after C-Diff, but don’t put it off. Over 30,000 people die from C-Diff per year in the U.S. alone.

Finally, a word about the staff of R.D.S. Dr. Shepard, Helena, and Dina are angels of God. I have never seen more friendly & professional medical people. I had lost all my faith in the medical profession until I met them. They actually called me on a regular basis, to check my progress. When was the last time a doctor personally called you to check on you? I suggest never. I could go on, but the first move is yours. Talk to Dina. She will make your journey begin, with hope.

Dr. Shepard, thank you for saving my life. You deserve to sleep well at night. Keep fighting the good fight”

Kenneth B.

“I want to thank you with all my heart for the work you do. For the courage, compassion, creativity and intelligence to embrace therapies that really help and cure your patients. Not many doctors are willing to do “FMT” or even consider it. You give people their lives. Karina has been out of the house alone with friends for the first time in months. We appreciate your professionalism and the compassionate staff you surround yourself with.”
Patty and Karina A. - Naples, FL

“Thank you Dr. Shepard for curing my C-DIFF. It has been a little over 8 weeks and I have been symptom free since doing FMT. I can’t thank you enough for working with me and I will be forever grateful!”

Pamela J. - Keller, TX

“After 9 months of bloody diarrhea from c.diff and ulcerative colitis, I tried several GI’s to help me, to no avail. I read up on Dr. Shepard’s bacterial transplant and immediately made an appointment. I met with him and scheduled the transplant within a week. By week 3, my diarrhea has ceased with minimal bleeding. Dr. Shepard has given me my life back and I will be eternally grateful.”
Denise F. - Tampa, FL

“Before having the bacteria transplant I was homebound with a debilitating symptoms. Use of diet, supplements and probiotics alone was not enough to heal my symptoms. After the procedure I would say I am 85-90% better. My symptoms are pretty much gone, but I have some healing to do. Dr. Shepard and his staff have been wonderful and instrumental in me getting better. I would highly recommend his office and the procedure.”
Kim J. - Lutz, FL

Scott’s Story

”Nearly 3 years ago my life was perfect; in great shape with no health problems my entire life.Then I began to suffer daily debilitating headaches and neck pain. Top Neurologists at Cleveland Clinic could not find the root cause and contributed it to tension, stress, and depression.

I had always been very fit and worked out regularly with no issues or depression in my life, so I knew it could not be, though I went along with this diagnosis and began physical therapy for neck tension, as well as their standard course of anti-depressants for the headaches.

After a few months the headaches became so severe and I started to suffer severe gastro-intestinal issues; Diarrhea, vomiting, cramping along with 30-pound drastic weight loss.  GI Dr’s believed I might have had Celiac Disease or stomach cancer, though they were not certain.  Several endoscopies and Colonoscopies discovered nothing more than a stomach ulceration.  This was my first ever ulcer. Following this, I was given courses of medications to help with ulcer and other body wide pain, however, in hindsight made my condition worse.  A follow-up endoscopy revealed that my ulcer had healed, though I still knew I was suffering from eating foods.

I began to experience more and more, severe food intolerances for the first time in my life.  This cycle led to worsening of my symptoms to the point I started to experience sinus issues and prescribed course after course of antibiotics, since specialists believed I had sinus infections. These specialists pushed me on to one of the top GI Dr’s in the area to see if they had been missing something with my gut, such as cancer or Chronis, but CT scans and other tests found nothing.

At this same time, I performed food intolerance testing by an integrative Dr. What they discovered is what I had known all along.  They found over 40 food intolerances including Gluten, Dairy, Soy, Eggs.  Meaning, I could not eat hundreds of foods.

I took these test results to my GI Dr. and Rheumatologist and inquired about why for the first time in my life I could not eat anything.  I asked if I had immune issues caused by these food intolerances, however they stated they could not find anything conclusive within my GI tract and though my body began to produce Auto Nuclear Antibodies, the levels were low enough that they could not isolate any type of immune disorder.  They informed me to just to stay away from the intolerable foods.

I finally had my proof, that all along that all my issues were food related.

Dozens of specialists, procedures, tests, medications later –  Dr.’s ruled out everything in the book.  However, they began to speculate after over 2 years my body was beginning to have Auto Immune related issues.  They wanted to place me on steroids this time.  I said NO.  I knew that after all the medications and antibiotics this was not the answer and would likely make it worse.

I completely believed the issue was with every food I ate, causing severe body-wide systemic issues.  When I did not eat I my issues were minimal, but without food, my body began to suffer even more.  I knew deep down steroids were only a Band-Aid and could make matters worse.  I had nowhere to turn.

After some research, I was led to Dr. Shepard; 2.5 years after this all began.  I was losing all hope after seeing every specialist, for every symptom I had. I decided to meet with Dr. Shepard and try his treatments.

I discovered that from just 20 of Dr. Shepard’s Probiotic pills within 3 days of taking only two pills a night, I woke up and had absolutely no headache and neck pain.  Other issues that I experienced within 30 minutes of eating foods, such as muscle pain and body wide fascilations and muscle twitching were reduced by 50%.  This was the first in years.  It was as if a switch had been turned off inside of me eliminating the severe inflammatory response.

This revelation from these Probiotic Pills helped me realize that after every type of medication and natural supplementation out there, (including the best store bough brands of Probiotics) I had never experienced such a drastic reversal of symptoms.

I knew my body was headed into the direction of a cure, that these probiotic pills were an answer to what I needed.

I responded by receiving another 120 pills and immediately started them every night and morning.  I obviously continued my perfect diet too.  Over the course of 4 weeks my severe symptoms that I experienced for years, were almost 80% GONE!  Even the muscle twitching, spasms, fascilations that I experienced within 30 of eating foods were almost eliminated.  My sever neck pain and stiffness and headaches were gone by 80%.  Diarrhea and bloating GONE.  The severe headaches and severe neck muscle stiffness were reduced to the point I could move my neck.  Eliminated by 80%.

I cannot begin to say how these are helping me and I will continue to order more, until this is fully resolved.  At one point in my life, I was in bedridden for months and thought I was going to eventually be disabled.

Now, thanks to Dr. Shepard I have an answer.  Thank you for your help and your probiotic pills in the start to giving my life back!”

Scott W. - Cleveland, OH

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